About Finda Mega Erwinsyah


Finda Mega Erwinsyah. Born in Solo, Indonesia, January 1st 1986. Graduated from SMAN 1 Surakarta in 2004. He is a Lecture assistant and researcher at the Technical Drawing and Design Studio Design Laboratory (GTX Lab):: Telkom Institute of Technology, His core competence are on Operating System Engineering/UNIX OS Engineering, Graphic Designing, Networking, and Knowledge Management.

Now he is maintaining 3 Servers :
HP Net Server E200 Intel Pentium 3.1GHz
Infineon 256 SDRAM ECC Registered
18,2GB SCSI Ultra Wide 160 10.000RPM with PATA 120GB mirror update
OS Archlinux 2007

HP Proliant ML 110 Server Pentium 4.3GHz HT
Infineon DDR400 512MB ECC Registered
36,4GB SCSI Ultra Wide 320 15.000RPM with PATA 500GB File Share
OS Archlinux 2007

HP Proliant ML G2 Server Dual Intel Xeon 3.2 GHz
Infineon DDR400 512MB ECC Registered
36,4GB SCSI Ultra Wide 320 15.000RPM
OS Archlinux 2007

And his own computer:
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6750 (2.66Ghz) 1333.4Mb
Motherboard: ABIT IP35
Memory: MUSHKIN EM2-6400 2GB KIT
Graphics Card: GIGABYTE GV-RX26T256H
Display: Samsung 591-S
Audio: Altec Lansing VS 4121 BLACK EDITION
Storage: Seagate Barracuda 160 GB SATA II
Optical Storage: SONY DVD-RW Portable
HSF/Cooling: Stock T_T
Casing/PSU: Casing Simbokde [unMOD],THERMALTAKE TR2-470W
OS: Windows Vista Bussiness Service Pack 2

Active as a writer which his scientific articles and tutorials have been published in GTX site @ http://www.ie.stttelkom.ac.id/gtx. With his teammate ”GTX Crew” have been doing some projects up until now. We welcome you to offering us some projects related with Graphic Design(including Web design, AutoCad, 3 D’s Max, Image Manipulation, vectorized pictures, make blog more eye catching, and Interior Design)
regards : Me & team



Finda Mega Erwinsyah

GMail : findamega@gmail.com
YM! : findamega@yahoo.com
MSN : efeme@reader.chip.co.id
AIM : findamega@aim.com

Registered Linux User : 450007
–Demank PC Modding Community–

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