being online is great but….

hey, I [thinks] that being online is great, but you’d be surprised how much of your “being connected” is also “being interupted”. Sometimes I feel rather interupted…umm for example, when I’m playing games suddenly came “BUZZ” from out of nowhere wich is caused the full-window game mode switch to my ebuddy messenger window …..*sigh* …And the worst situation is that “BUZZ” isn’t important at all ….so I prefer to appear offline than online…hehe
But wait up…for a students like me who still struggle to finish the final assignment, the internet is a must !!  A lot of article in the internet , forum, mailing-list, web blog, etc that we can learn from it ……

efeme [thinks] that I have become Internet addict  …. 😀

Anyway …good day All !!!!    “CMIIW”


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