My Foobar 2000 custom skin

This is my 2nd custom foobar config, I named it eFeMelody , this is the small version. I make this because I only have a 15 inch monitor so with this small-look foobar I hope it will save some space on my desktop p

Required plugins:
– ColumnsUI 0.3 beta2 preview9 or higher – foo_ui_columns.dll [link]
– Panel Stack Splitter 0.3.4a or higher – foo_uie_panel_splitter.dll [link]
– ELPlaylist 0.4.0b or higher – foo_uie_elplaylist [link]
– (Chronial) Cover Flow 0.3.0 or higher – foo_chronflow.dll [link]
– Lyric Show Panels or higher – foo_uie_lyrics.dll [link]
– Track info panel mod 0.8.0 or higher – foo_uie_trackinfo_mod.dll [link]
– Quick Search Toolbar 2.8l or higher – foo_uie_quicksearch.dll [link] V2.x/
– Channel Spectrum Panel 0.16 or higher – foo_uie_vis_channel_spectrum.dll [link]
– WSH Panel 0.7.2 or higher – foo_uie_wsh_panel.dll [link]

2.Buttons made by me.

3.Colour: I’m inspired from the previous foobar config from  DA, but I forgot the name who made this, but you have made a cool!! colour combo ….I Just Like it !! I named this colour foocandy

Links :

1.Foobar Wiki [link]
2.Hydrogenaudio forums [link]

For full preview please check foobar 2000_eFeMelody by ~efeme on deviantART

You can also see my Full desktop Screenshot with foobar 2K —> [link]





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